Loans, consumer credit still in crisis

  • March 18, 2020

The Italians do not consume and avoid applying for loans, which, among other things, banks are making more difficult. Loans are very versatile loans, useful to meet the most varied needs of consumers. Those who are looking for an advantageous credit offer can compare the loans of the main banks in order to understand which one is the most convenient.

The data analyzed and disseminated by Lite Lending, the Italian Consumer Credit and Real Estate Association, indicate that 2013 is proving to be an even worse year than the previous one, already dramatic in itself, since in the first seven months it fell by 6, 2 % the demand for Italian consumers’ online or offline loans, which had fallen by 12% last year, again in the first seven months.


Credit Crunch in Italy

Credit loan

The credit crunch in Italy has decreased the total volume of requests for loans from consumers by as much as 15 billion in just five years. Taking into account that Italians are historically a people who have always had a good level of savings which leads them to not require as many loans as in other countries, we can say that the situation of consumer credit in Italy is definitely at an all-time low.

The type of loans that most suffered the collapse are loans for car purchases, which fell by 7% and with a disbursed volume of over 5 billion less than in the first seven months of 2012, in parallel with the heavy stagnation of the car market same .

Of course, mortgages and personal loans also went down, only loans aimed at the purchase of household appliances showed a recovery, probably thanks to the extension of the tax breaks for home renovation, also extended precisely for class A furniture and appliances.


It goes without saying that the crisis has undermined the incomes

consumer loans

The salaries of the Italians, who, although perhaps more in need of financing, certainly cannot provide the necessary guarantees to banks and credit institutions; as Cris Bartolome , president of Lite Lending says: “The consumer who perceives the uncertainty of income does not consume and does not ask for loans. We would need a recovery in consumption, also linked to taxation, to hope to reverse course “.


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