Personal payday loan guaranteed acceptance

  • May 15, 2020

Find out how to get a personal payday loan faster and easier, a guarantee that you can take steps under the best conditions to obtain acceptance of financing.

A personal payday loan is financing allowing to obtain a sum of money usable freely, without having to justify the sums, it is what makes the strength of this loan to meet punctual and rapid financing needs.

The personal payday loan is not 100% guaranteed to be obtained, it is simply faster and the procedures are less restrictive. Note that for this loan, an applicant can obtain a maximum of 75,000 dollars over a maximum period of 84 months or 7 years of repayment.

Acceptance of a personal payday loan

It cannot be guaranteed in advance, however, its simulation can quickly inform borrowers about the loan possibilities from different banking organizations, whether banks, credit organizations, or brokers. The interest of the procedures on the web is to guarantee a faster service and necessarily a notice of acceptance as soon as possible. No need to travel to an agency, to set up an appointment several days or weeks in advance, everything is operated online from the simulation service.

File accepted and personal payday loan: how it works

Acceptance of the personal payday loan file is a guarantee, that of being able to finance your project but before launching it, it is imperative to file a request specifying the exact amount requested, this will allow you to solicit organizations that can respond favorably to the request. Once the offers are received, simply choose the most interesting and provide the documents requested by the funding agency.

These documents will make it possible to constitute the file and to provide a guarantee to the lender, that to reimburse the maturities which will be included during the defined repayment period. This guarantee is obtained with the analysis of the debt ratio, borrowing capacity but also account statements. Without these elements, a credit cannot be accepted, especially when it is a personal payday loan. Finally, the documents received, the study carried out, the agreement can, therefore, be validated and announced to the borrower, which leads to the signing of the loan contract offer to the release of funds.

Simulate personal payday loan online

The simulation provides you with a guarantee, that of receiving several personal payday loans offers from credit organizations and banks that can finance the financing need. It is therefore sufficient to fill in the information requested within the framework of the form and to validate the simulation. The first offers will be communicated quickly. This approach is free and without obligation, it can be suitable for all types of projects: car, work, leisure, holidays. The use of a comparator generally provides more guarantees of obtaining a personal payday loan than a traditional canvassing, since the borrower can probe several establishments at the same time. Note that favorable opinion of financing within the framework of personal credit does not necessarily mean its final acceptance.

What are the best loan options for employees?

  • April 13, 2020

Financial unforeseen events can happen in anyone’s life, right? At these times, it is very important to have the adequate knowledge to prepare a plan that aims to cover such monetary deficiency and, thus, can bring normality to the daily life.

In this context, the loan is one of the best solutions to solve this problem, after all, the sooner this need is resolved, the better it will be for the individual who is going through a need to have financial capital at hand to solve a pain (situation problem).

With that in mind, we have prepared this article in which we will show you the best loan options for those who are salaried under the CLT – Consolidation of Labor Laws regime. Are you interested in the subject? Then continue this reading and learn more about the topic.

Payroll loan

Payroll loan

This is the best option to have a loan as an employee, after all, this modality is the one with the lowest interest rate among all options. This happens due to its low credit risk, in which the value of the installments of the contracted loan is already discounted in the payroll.

Therefore, the payroll loan for employees establishes a “win-win” relationship, that is, both the lender and the borrower achieve advantages in this financial transaction, in which the lender knows that the risk of default is low, and the the borrower will have the money he needs in hand and paying interest below what is practiced in the market.

Pre-approved personal credit

Pre-approved personal credit

Pre-approved personal credit is a quick and viable alternative for employees or not, given that this type of loan is already available for hire. The interest rate may vary over time according to financial history; and if the banking relationship is good, interest rates will tend to fall.

To make the contract, just use one of the self-service channels or go directly to your agency to request the loan and the desired amount. The installments will be deducted directly from the account, facilitating their management.



Although many do not realize that overdraft is a form of loan, this is one of the most widely used credit lines. But this is not a good choice for the long term, as the interest rates practiced are one of the highest.

However, it can be a short-term solution for the salaried worker, in which he will use the resources of the financial institution that maintains his current account to cover capital for a few days. Another advantage is the fact that it is an automatic contract, that is, from the moment the current account has a debit balance, the loan goes into effect immediately.

But as we said earlier, all this convenience comes at a high price, so plan to pay off that debt as soon as possible.

Credit card limit transfer

Credit card limit transfer

The transfer of the credit card limit is offered by some financial institutions as a form of loan, especially when the card is linked to the individual’s current account. This is a great option for employees or not, after all, it is possible to have liquidity and immediate credit, as this transaction can be contracted by the main self-service channels.

But before making this contract, it is important to check the CET (Total Effective Cost) of the operation to avoid unpleasant surprises when paying off the loan.

As you can see there are good loan options for employees, however you need to analyze each one according to your needs and payment term.

Would you like to offer the payroll loan benefit to your company’s employees? Then visit our website and register your company. And, if you have any questions, contact us and talk to one of our consultants.

Loan for Negatives: What is it and how does it work?

  • April 11, 2020


You are in debt and to make matters worse you discover that you will not be able to pay your credit card debt. Beat that desperation, you don’t know what to do until a “friend” of yours tells you about such a credit to negative, without consulting the register of debtors. It’s too good to be true, right? Understand what the loan for negative people is, how it works and when it is worth using.

What is it and how does it work?

What is it and how does it work?

Being negative means that your name is in defaulters list, debtors and consequently, dirty in the square. Even so, there are legal financial institutions that enable and facilitate lending to those with a dirty name. Which is a very good thing, but also very expensive. After all, as financial institutions have more risks in providing money to these proven debtors, interest rates are also much higher.

Negative Loan, the personal loan for negative payments, you take the money now to pay in installments in the future and the interest charged is 10.32%.

Negative Loan only makes loans to retirees and pensioners and Public Servants from all Public Agencies.

How to get out of debt?

How to get out of debt?

Attention, the loan for negative people must be used with financial planning or it can be the same as getting out of one debt and entering into another (the expenses must be put in the tip of the pencil).

Knowing how much money comes in and what your fixed monthly expenses are is essential to devise a strategy on how to get out of debt. Categorize your commitments: the most important are expenses for survival such as rent or the real estate consortium, food, water and electricity; then the important ones, but that can be left aside for a while, such as cable TV, gym, daily cleaner and finally those that are superfluous and that can be easily cut until the budget is up to date. Make a simulation of your expenses adding the provision of personal credit to negative and check if you will be able to comply with this commitment. What are you wating for?

Bank loan without paycheck and guarantor: is it really possible?

  • April 4, 2020

The offer of loans that Best Bank offers to its customers or those in search of liquidity is all in all endowed with various choices: from the more flexible options to the “mini” loan, from debt consolidation to the assignment of a fifth of the salary. If we remove the latter type (addressed only to public and private employees), for all other loans the Best Bank offer is also without a paycheck. What does it mean? Simply that they can also be requested by self-employed workers.

In this perspective, the possibility of applying for a loan without paycheck or without guarantor must be kept clearly separated if you have a demonstrable income of any other type (provided that it is certified regularly) or if you have no demonstrable income. In the latter case, the only way forward is in fact that of a guarantor with a very solid credit reputation and good demonstrable income.

What types of loans are offered?

What types of loans are offered?

As highlighted at the beginning, self-employed workers, therefore without a paycheck, and employees can apply for various types of financing with Best Bank, but in particular those that fall into the category of personal loans stand out. In particular, you can choose:

  • the range of flexible loans, that is, with options that make management and repayment methods easier, being able to adapt their characteristics to repayment capacities over time (max. $ 30 thousand);
  • the mini credit, of an amount up to a maximum of 1,500 USD, which is used to have a bearing with which to cope with small emergencies, with the characteristic of the revolving credit (therefore with the restoration of the credit line as the sum is repaid );
  • debt consolidation loan, designed for those who have too many monthly installments to repay and who want to consolidate them in one installment with a single monthly deadline, and perhaps require new liquidity.

Flexible personal loans

Flexible personal loans

Within this section we find various types of loans characterized by the type of associated flexibility option. That said, as regards the maximum duration (up to 84 installments) and the maximum amount (as already mentioned of 30 thousand USD except in the case of the “Round installment” typology) there are no differences. In particular, at 7 March 2019 it is possible to choose between:

  • Excellent: this is the loan that allows you to combine the duration and the installment, according to the amount to be requested, more suitable for personal repayment capabilities. This type of loan is the most classic type of Best Bank;
  • Total Flex: this loan has two series of flexibility options which are the skip installment (for a maximum of 5 times for the entire duration of the loan and in any case no more than once a year, with the skipped installment being postponed and added at the end of the amortization plan initially signed), and the reduction of the installment. This is obtained by lengthening the duration of the amortization plan (the amount of the reduced installment and the consequent increase in the duration is already calculated and indicated in the loan agreement). If it is possible to make early repayment, it remains free, also by making use of the flexibility options;
  • Jump: provides only the skip installment function, which however remains usable for a maximum of 5 times and only once a year;
  • Round figure: the duration and the amount are combined with the sustainable installment, the amount of which to choose from will in any case be a round figure easy to remember. But be careful: for this type the maximum amount granted is 20 thousand USD.

By accessing the relevant page of the official Best Bank website, you can proceed with a simulation that only requires you to enter the desired amount and your ‘ideal’ installment.

If the proposal is considered satisfactory, you can click on continue. You will then be transferred to the page in charge of entering your personal info, the starting point for the actual quote and a possible request for funding.

Debt Consolidation Solution

Debt Consolidation Solution

The Cream Bank can also offer the suitable solution for those looking for loans without a paycheck, but already have various installments to be repaid in progress. We logically talk about Best Bank debt consolidation, which recently changed its name to Capital Lender. The maximum amount granted remains at $ 30 thousand and allows you to pay off one or more loans with the addition of optional liquidity.

Mini credit

Spin Lender is designed to offer an always accessible reserve of liquidity, paying interest only on the sums used. Only when you use the credit of 1500 USD in whole or in part, do you start to pay the installments, which can be 50 or 100 USD (the amount of the installment depends on the amount used and the duration of the repayment plan). These include a capital portion (which gradually restores the ceiling) and interest (to a fixed extent). The request must be made at the branch being able to fix the appointment also directly from the official website. As economic conditions and related costs are to be considered:

  • 20 USD of annual management fee;
  • interest rates: Tan 16% and Taeg 23.30%.

Necessary requirements and documents
As said, this selection of loans can also be requested by those without a paycheck. Having said that, we remind you that you must still have demonstrable income or provide a guarantor. The minimum requirements are:

  • be subjects resident in Italy. If foreigners, residence for at least 1 year and an unexpired residence permit are sufficient;
  • be aged between 18 and 75 (which are considered at the end of the repayment);
  • request an amount not exceeding the maximum allowable.

As regards the documents requested, these are generally represented by:

As regards the documents requested, these are generally represented by:

  • unexpired identity document;
  • tax code or health card;
  • income certificate (last paycheck for employees and single model for self-employed workers. Pensioners must carry the latest pension slip, and as employees must carry the last Cud).


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Loans, consumer credit still in crisis

  • March 18, 2020

The Italians do not consume and avoid applying for loans, which, among other things, banks are making more difficult. Loans are very versatile loans, useful to meet the most varied needs of consumers. Those who are looking for an advantageous credit offer can compare the loans of the main banks in order to understand which one is the most convenient.

The data analyzed and disseminated by Lite Lending, the Italian Consumer Credit and Real Estate Association, indicate that 2013 is proving to be an even worse year than the previous one, already dramatic in itself, since in the first seven months it fell by 6, 2 % the demand for Italian consumers’ online or offline loans, which had fallen by 12% last year, again in the first seven months.


Credit Crunch in Italy

Credit loan

The credit crunch in Italy has decreased the total volume of requests for loans from consumers by as much as 15 billion in just five years. Taking into account that Italians are historically a people who have always had a good level of savings which leads them to not require as many loans as in other countries, we can say that the situation of consumer credit in Italy is definitely at an all-time low.

The type of loans that most suffered the collapse are loans for car purchases, which fell by 7% and with a disbursed volume of over 5 billion less than in the first seven months of 2012, in parallel with the heavy stagnation of the car market same .

Of course, mortgages and personal loans also went down, only loans aimed at the purchase of household appliances showed a recovery, probably thanks to the extension of the tax breaks for home renovation, also extended precisely for class A furniture and appliances.


It goes without saying that the crisis has undermined the incomes

consumer loans

The salaries of the Italians, who, although perhaps more in need of financing, certainly cannot provide the necessary guarantees to banks and credit institutions; as Cris Bartolome , president of Lite Lending says: “The consumer who perceives the uncertainty of income does not consume and does not ask for loans. We would need a recovery in consumption, also linked to taxation, to hope to reverse course “.

What to do when the interest charged on the loan is abusive?

  • March 8, 2020

Whoever contracts a loan or a financing must always be aware of the clauses related to the interest charged. In many cases, charges can be considered abusive, that is, when they are above the average charged by the market. There are some precautions that can be taken to avoid this situation and measures to get rid of it.

Access to quality information has enabled many people to further study their rights as citizens. The individuals then began to learn more about financial education. Thus, the fight against overcharging is increasing.

What the Consumer Protection Code says


Article 39, item V, of the Consumer Protection Code (Law No. 8078/90) says that banks and financial institutions are prohibited from charging excessive advantage over loan or financing contracts. Article 51, of item IV, states that the contract clauses that establish abusive obligations are null and void.

There is no law that determines the interest rate limit. It is done according to the collection of the other institutions. The Central Bank is responsible for gathering average interest rates. It has a historical series of various types of financial concessions: personal and corporate credit, vehicle purchase, overdraft, etc.

How to identify abusive interest


The Central Bank’s indexes show the average rates charged in the market. If the person feels injured by abusive interest (that is, when the amount is higher than the registered average), he can appeal to the Common Justice, the Consumer Protection and Defense Program (Procon) or to Special Civil Courts.

The recommendation is that the individual look for a specialized professional to perform the contractual review. Then, if abuse is found, in fact, it must be filed.

Knowing how to identify abusive practices is essential for people’s health and financial education.

When the abuse is identified, the bank must return the individual or company. There are three ways the institution can do this:

  • Reduce the value of the installments charged;
  • Return of money that was charged more than the individual;
  • Cancellation of contract.

How to escape abusive interest

How to escape abusive interest

Many people and companies take out loans without even knowing the fee that will be charged. On the other hand, there are those who are aware of this, but need the money. We have listed some practices that will help you escape high interest rates:

  1. The first tip is perhaps the most difficult: avoid asking for loans and financing. Have your emergency reserve and use it when necessary. Also, try not to have superfluous expenses. Usually, they are what make us go into debt.
  2. Understand what interest is, how it is calculated, and what you can do when you become a victim of financial abuse.
  3. Read the agreement in full before signing it. Know exactly where you are stepping and what you owe the institution. It will also be possible, only with a careful reading of the document, to know if the collection is excessive.
  4. If debts cannot be avoided, try to pay on time. Late payment can add more charges.
  5. Attention to parcels. Your budget has already been affected by the payment of the financing or loan installments. So, avoid creating more expenses and grow the problem.
  6. The customer may, after the contractual review, demand a refinancing of the debts. Try to understand at this moment which are the cheapest lines of credit. If you can take out a paycheck loan, choose this credit line, as it usually has the lowest interest rates.

You want to continue receiving information from Lite Credit, register here.

The loan guarantee? A luxury bag is enough in Hong Kong

  • February 21, 2020

A Hong Kong financial company accepts the luxury goods of those who need a loan as collateral. Most of the goods return to the hands of those who committed them.

The reasons that push a person to apply for a loan can be many: the car broke down, there is a sudden medical expense that you cannot face, you don’t want to miss anything from your family. But since it is better to always see the glass half full, you should not go down when you are in difficulty, because the solution is very close: in fact, you just need to compare the best loans to find the one that best suits your needs.


Loan installment

Loan installment

And if the loan installment may be too high even in the Chinese area, which is growing at a fast pace, the special region of Hong Kong has found original alternatives. It is here, in fact, that a new form of lending has been introduced which requires the deposit of precious assets owned by the applicant as a form of guarantee. As can be read on Hongkong magazine, Across Lender in Hong Kong accepts bags signed by Channel, Gucci, Hermes as a “pledge” to obtain a personal loan, evaluating them up to 50% of their list price. An interest rate of 4% is applied to the loaned amount and the customer has 4 months to return the capital and get back his precious asset.


Most customers honor their debt on time

debt loans

As Bryan John Yu, president and CEO of Across Lender explains, who added that insolvency cases are rare enough because customers “are sentimentally tied to their purchases”. Anyone who does not return the money loses possession of the bag, which will be sold ‘second hand’ to Milan Station Holding, belonging to the network of the financial company.

Loan sums range from a base of around $ 200 and up, based on the value and quality of the bag left in pledge. One of the most precious pieces, a crocodile bag, allowed the granting of a loan of over 30 thousand dollars. Across Lender is not only pink, as Yu explains: “We have both men and women as customers”.

Loan with promissory notes: 3 tips to reduce the rate.

  • January 21, 2020

Although not widely used in Italy, the changed loans can be really useful in some specific circumstances, since they allow those who do not have certain requirements (such as those without a paycheck, fixed-term or atypical contracts, unprovable income, without guarantors) to be able to take advantage of a credit in case of unexpected expenses or needs.

This also applies to those who have been protested or are bad payers, subjects who would hardly have access to other forms of credit otherwise. Loans promoted to protesters and, in general, to “atypical” workers (such as self-employed workers, project workers, etc.) are settled through bills of exchange and can be made not only by private individuals but also by banks or financial companies (see also Loan d ‘honor). However, care should be taken to avoid the risk of incurring too high rates. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Do not accept any conditions, but choose wisely

Do not accept any conditions, but choose wisely

An emergency or a sudden need for liquidity could lead the applicant to accept any interest rate conditions from the banks. Loans exchanged with protesters, in fact, do not have a similar interest rate for each issuer, but each bank can decide on its own.
It would be good, therefore, before applying for a loan, to inquire carefully (even in the case of online proposals, especially if they are very interesting in terms, to avoid bad surprises) and then choose the bank or financial institution with the most advantageous interest rate.

Motivate the loan

Motivate the loan

One of the characteristics of the changeable loans is that of not being finalized, that is, of not requiring motivation from the applicant. If on the one hand this proves positive from the point of view of privacy, especially in loans changed to protested and bad payers, on the other it entails the payment of a higher interest rate. Put simply, it is as if the bank implied a compromise: “I am not asking you for the reason for the loan, but in return you pay me a higher rate”.

If the loan is motivated, the interest rate, on the other hand, sometimes drops considerably. If, for example, you need to buy a car with bills of exchange, you must specify in a contract proposed by the dealer the good or object of the purchase (“car”) together with its specific purpose (for example: “use staff “). Once this is done, you must sign the form and issue your identity card number and tax code (even in this case, no other requirements are required). Since the procedure is very simple, it is preferable, therefore, to think about it.

If you have a guarantor available, better present it

If you have a guarantor available, better present it

To obtain a loan from a bank with a promised loan, it is not necessary to present a guarantor, but even the signature of the applicant alone (single signature) may suffice. Provided that it is known that in this way the interest rates on the credit granted will rise.

To bring them back to at least ordinary levels, it would be appropriate to present a person similar to the figure of the guarantor. If the latter then has a very solid economic situation even better: the bank will be able to stay safe and the interest rate for the loan will be revised downwards.


Responsible credit – to prevent over-indebtedness

  • January 21, 2020

As part of prevention and transparency towards credit recipients, the ASBCEF (Swiss Association of Credit Banks and Financing Institutions) wishes to make customers aware of the consequences of their commitment. The goal is also to frame the reasonable limits of a loan, and leave a margin of safety in the event of an unexpected event.

Consequently, since January 2016, the member institutions of the ASBCEF must systematically deliver an information note to consumers of credits, which describes the context of the contract and the possible solutions.

What characterizes the granting of responsible credits

Switzerland is one of the most severe European consumer credit countries. One of the objectives of the Federal Consumer Credit Act (LCC) and self-regulation agreements is to protect the customer from the risk of over-indebtedness. Thus, the member institutes of ASBCEF carry out an in-depth study of each client, as well as a scrupulous control of their profile, in order to propose tailor-made solutions and appropriate advice, since each situation is unique.

Analyze case-by-case practices

money debt

The main element for a credit recipient is the eligibility of the credit. Indeed, the borrowed amount must necessarily be within the customer’s financial capacity. For this purpose, it is necessary to know the customer’s overall situation, that is his income but also his expenses. Thus, the member institutions of the ASBCEF systematically analyze the global financial situation of the credit recipient and a personalized risk profile is created for each customer so that the request can be accurately assessed.

The lender can therefore determine the amount of the eligible loan starting from the individual budget, taking into account the monthly installments that will have to be repaid but also providing a sufficient margin to leave the beneficiary of the credit a certain financial flexibility that allows him to make faced with the unexpected. In other words, it is a question of leaving the client with a sufficient safety margin to cope with any non-calculated risks , and avoiding being strangled by too tight a credit due to an unexpected event.


To leave a financial margin to cope with the reversals of luck

money debt

The customer must keep in mind that many unforeseen events may occur in the credit period subscribed. For example, the customer can:

Lose the job suffer a major accident , or a serious illness or an expensive divorce. These numerous risks will have direct or indirect consequences on the credit taken out, since they can generate significant changes in income or expenses. It is therefore very important to consider these risks before taking out the credit , and to foresee a financial margin that will allow to face the possible consequences. In this case, consumption can minimize these risks thanks to very targeted preventive measures.

General principles for granting credit responsibly

money debt

In fact, in the event of a serious blow, it is strongly recommended to quickly contact the financial institution concerned, and if necessary, the institution will be able to propose adequate solutions for the repayment of the credit subscribed, in order to avoid an aggravation of the situation customer financial.

In order to prevent the risks mentioned, the lender may propose, for example, the conclusion of an additional guarantee to cover the monthly installments, in order to help the credit recipient to protect himself from a payment default. This precaution thus avoids situations of over-indebtedness or even personal bankruptcy. It is a reasonable measure that follows the saying: prevention is better than cure.

In any case, the customer is strongly recommended to seek advice from the lender to draw up an inventory of applicable solutions and measures, based on his personal situation.